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Big Revolution in Health Care With Big Data

Big Revolution in Health Care With Big Data

One of the wonderful applications of Big Data Analytics I would like to always talk about is Health Care.

The world is moving towards positively transforming the health care industry by making use of Big Data.

1. Reduction and prevention of life threatening conditions by identifying certain patterns.
2. Avoiding emergency situations by applying surveillance on patients and creating real time alerts.
3. Predicting possible outbreak of different kinds of diseases and taking preventive measures by analyzing historical data
4. Improving the treatment plans
5. Reducing the treatment costs
6. Using data driven results to find out many problems before it is too late.

The above mentioned are just few of the advantages of using Big Data analytics in Health care domain.

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Top Things You Can Do With Python

Top Things You Can Do With Python

1.Web Development:
When it comes to web development. Python is a good option and you have frameworks like Django and Flask to work with.
2.Machine Learning:
Stuff like finding fingerprint identification, predicting stocks, and spam detection can be achieved with MI. Programmers can set this up by taking advantage of Python modules like Scikit-learn etc….
Python can be used to code for example a Raspberry Pi to function as the brain of robot. By doing this you can get the robot to react to it’s environment and perform multiple actions.

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Best Option For Freshers To Choose A Career In Digital Marketing

choose digital marketing as a career option

Being a fresher everyone had always wondered what can be a carrier opportunity for me if i am passing an engineering or a management or a computer application program today in this world of growth development and technology one program that has taken the world for strong is digital marketing.
Yes when i say DM it is not the door-to-door marketing or the door- to- door sales it is “Virtual Marketing” today Facebook, Twitter, Google everything when named any major company in the world everyone marketing key strategy is “DIGITAL” they companies have stopped the traditional form of marketing or traditional form of printing dozens of paper and sending out rolling to engage, Today everything happens over the web because majority of the audience who were continuously connected to all of us for our product or our branding or our marketing or our organization we are simply find it over the web so for freshers i would say one career opportunity which you must keep an eye is “DIGITAL MARKETING”.

Teach Yourself How To Code Like A Master

Better Programmer and master in programming language

1.Figure out why you want to learn to code & Choose the right language.
2.Start small & Be patient(No matter which language or learning method you choose, you should start at the very beginning!).
3.Grab some programming books.
4.Play coding games for example:(codecombat & codingame)
5.Get a mentor(The programming community is full of people who are willing to help others. Mentors can show you the right path!
6.Read someone else’s code(Here you can see how other programmers solve problems).
7.Use online training sites(online sites help to learn programming faster and easier).
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Blue Light From Phones and Tablets can Causes Blindness

blue night blindness

Researchers from the university of toledo say long periods of time exposed to blue light, the kind phones, tablets and televisions give off, can damage vision and generate poisonous molecules in the eye’s light-sensitive cells can causes blindness. the researchers suggest this could accelerate macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Dr.Ajith karunarathne, one of the researchers and an assistant professor at the university of toledo, suggested that people avoid browsing on smartphones, laptops and similar gadgets in the dark. In this study, the researchers exposed living cells to various types of light. They found that exposure to blue light triggers “reactions that generate poisonous chemical molecules in photoreceptor cells” the cells in our retina that how cells respond to everyday blue light exposure from devices like phones and TV’s, according to a release.

For protection against blue light, one of the researchers said that suggests wearing sunglasses that can filter both ultraviolet and blue light outside, and avoid looking at smartphones at night.

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Do You Really Need a Kitchen Island?

beautiful house

Everyone should know “the kitchen is the heart of the home”.

Island Kitchen

A good Island kitchen can do many things to comfort your needs and here Asian interior hub Designing doesn’t means how it looks, Design means how it works.

Why Island Kitchen?.

  • More space in the form of countertop for cooking and to match all your needs.
  • A multi-purpose solution replacing expensive breakfast tables.
  • Extra seating is a major assets.
  • Saving space while allowing smooth access to the kitchen, as it is small, appropriately shaped, and smartly placed.

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Kaushal Will Win Bigg Boss 2 Telugu | Jai Kaushal Army


Kaushal Manda Winner of Bigg Boss Season 2:

Every people in these recent days are talking about Bigg Boss 2 because each and every person can discussion about the one and only contestant in this show he is none other than Kaushal Manda who has been the part of “Dance Baby Dance and Telugu Movies”, present he is in Bigg Boss 2 house.some of the fact’s about Kaushal Anna he is the Founder and CEO of model management agency “The Look Productions”, his modeling brands should be Bajaj, Grasim, Sony Music Videos, Visakha Dairy, Airtel, Aditya Music, Cool Soap, Fantoosh, Coca-Cola.

Kaushal is one of the most searched people on Google trend ever since from the last month. Kaushal is the first contestant to create a new record because the first person to have received 12 crore votes for the entire history on Bigg Boss be it Hindi, Telugu or Tamil.

Telugu Bigg Boss 2 which is being hosted by Nani, in earlier Nani would telecast video clips which should the good side of Kaushal, But it is not the case now because a huge no.of rumors are flying that Nani and the show organizer could try to eliminate Kaushal and targetted on the show from many times but it’s doesn’t work because if Kaushal is eliminated from the house then the whole TRP should airing it and his fans also disappointed. So, that’s why every time they try to blame Kaushal likewise they promote a controversial fight because to increase TRP rating in starmaa.

The audience who are impressed with Kaushal’s performance on the show have formed a fan group under the name Kaushal army, now he is internet sensation on all social media platforms likewise in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. some of the few groups which are related to Kaushal army they are listed below.

#####instagram groups#####




























100 more groups in instagram.

#####facebook groups#####
kaushal manda

kaushal army

kaushal army official

kaushal army big boss

kaushal fans association

150 more groups on facebook.

Likewise in twitter, more than 90+ groups so imagine yourself how much he can fame in the recent days. Recently Kaushal Army planned a 2km Rally in Hyderabad city which has been on 9th September few are saying that Kaushal Army 2k walk is a big flop the below-Trending Tweets be a slipper shot o those who said like that. JAI KAUSHAL ARMY……………………………………………………………………..

Trending tweets on 2k rally####
1.After seeing Kaushal 2k rally GM: Meeku aardam aavthunda Manaam gelavalamu Nani Manaki Pump korthunaru. manaki aantha scene laydhu. Meeku aardam aavuthundaa.#BiggBossTelugu2@geethasinder .

2.Enti intha discussion jarugutundi 2K walk meeda antha jealous kaushal army ante . E walk tarvate andariki gurthostay india lo problems. Fans andaru kalisi oka rally cheste anti’s ki problem ento . Entha negative chesina kauhal is winner idhi fix #BiggBossTelugu2 #Kushalmanda .

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Most Visited Beautiful Cities in The World


If you are planning around the world trip you need an itinerary welcome to the top visited cities in the world for the list we pick cities based on how beautiful they are how fun they are and how much they have offer tourists in the way of attractions and overall vibes.

Berlin Germany:


Once a divided city Berlin is new for bursting with culture architecture attractions and festivals for visitors to take in from the institutions on Museum island to historical sites like”REICHSTAG BRANDENBURG GATE“.

The Berlin wall memorial and many town squares to the never ending parties of the city’s many clubs there’s something to keep visitors occupied day and night the beer and cuisine in the city go hand and hand to give tourists a taste of authentic Germany a melting place of old and new charm and fortitiude Berlin arows travelers to live history on its streets.

Barcelona, Spain:

Mediterranean Sea SPANISH SPAIN

Barcelona Spain this Spanish city’s reputation for football fandom precedes it’s ideality as a region that honors both its past and future nestled by the “Mediterranean Sea” and the set of the coset old mountain range Barcelona’s views are spectacular its climate is warm and its beaches are breathtaking but it’s much more than Natural beauty.

There are also cathedrals and churches, galore stadiums that have hosted world cup matches and olympic games and stunning architecture everywhere you look and at light the city’s tapas bars and restaurants entica visitors to some of the local flavors.

Tokyo, Japan:

rainbow bridge TOKYO JAPAN

Tokyo Japan a mixture of the old world and futuristic technologies Tokyo is one of the only places you can see a traditional kabuki show one minute then find yourself looking at cutting-edge fashion in the Harajuku neighborhood.

The next packed with people skyscrapers and one of the world’s most state of the art mass transit networks you”ll also want to take in traditional Japanese cultural while visiting by way of local shrines shows and markets, lets not forget the food tokyo is a world capital for cuisine with almost double the michelin stars of paris’s restaurents.

Amsterdam, The Netherland’s:


Names for its beginnings as a Dam on the Amster river this water based city is a feat in both architecture and beauty nicknamed the Venice of north due to its many canals Amsterdam offers a great balance between nature and man-made creations as well as historical and contemporary style her you travel on foot by boat by car or by bike.

You can see the world’s oldest stock exchange the Anne frank house and the man gogh museum and we can’t discuss Amsterdam without mentioning its famous red-light district and Manjuana cafes.

Rome, Italy:


It is founded in 753BC this modern and innovative city allows visitors a view of the past known for its fashion art and sights like the “Colosseum” its conisdered one of the birthplaces of western civilization rome is also an important religious destination for those interested in “The Catholic Church” as the city helped shape Christianity as a whole but a visit to this popular Italian city would not be complete without a glimpse of the roman way of life and food drink cinema & opera are all essential aspects that cannot be missed after all when in rome.

Istanbul, Turkey:

Cami Islam Dome istanbul turkey

Istanbul Turkey east meets wests in Turkey’s largest city a cultural and economic hub Istanbul is a transcontinental city because it spans the Bosphorus strait with historical importance as the capital city of for former empires this Turkish delight is teeming with relics of those civilizations in the form of art & architecture and it’s mosques and churches are just a few examples with friendly locals its grand bazaar and countless minarets dotting the skyline Istanbul was named the European capital of culture in 2010 meaning it remains a world class tourist destination.

Shanghai, China:

Shanghai Skyline Cityscape china


Another bright bustling asian metropolis shanghai is home to more people than any other city in china with over 24 million calling it home while “Beijing and Hong-Kong” are also worth visiting “Shanghai” is a beautiful mix of tradition and modernity as fast paced as it magnetic levitation train this financial capital lies at the mouth of the longest river in asia “The Yangtze” considered the place of origin of everything modern within china as well as the brithplace of literature cinema and theatre shanghai’s museums historical destinations and temples are all must see sights here.

London, England:

London England wonderful image

The United Kingdom founded by the Romans roughly two millennia ago London is a world capital interms of culture finance tourism and by almost any other standard a great city to visit for a living history lesson.

Sites like the Globe Theatre the towers of London & the many Museums offer visitors a taste of the old world while tourist standards like “Big Ben” peceadilly circus and buckingham palace are also unmissable a diverse city with people from all around you can enjoy all of london from high above via the london eye well i’ll accept the pubs culture everyone can enjoy alot.

Newyork, United States:

New York Usa Manhattan

The city so nice they named it twice newyork is the city that never sleeps & the big apple among its many monikers if you’re insterested in visiting a world capital that wields influence over every-thing from commerce to cuisine fashion to finance politics and technology newyork city is your place the gateway to the land of opportunity, its been influenced culturally by it the “U.S” easy to navigate duel its grid like design visitors can find their way to countless world famous land marks in any number of distinctive neighborhoods in a newyork minute before.

Vancouver, Canada:

Vancouver British Columbia canada

Paris France timeless in its elegance & conistant center of enlightenment throughout its history the city of light may be for lovers but its old world more than that the perfect experience the old-world charm of europe since the city’s main architecture has remained mostly unchanged paris is at once grand and structures like the eiffel tower and lofty tea off standing near small cafes, book shops and boutigues if sites like the “Louvre or nestle Adamm Cathedral” don’t appear to you the city’s “Bohemian vibe” & unparalleled delights are sure to tickle you fancy do you agree with our list for the  city we can give above i think you can like the above content.

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Sachin Tendulkar Secrets Along With His Biography, Family, Cricket Career and Awards

sachin tendulkar secrets along with his biography, cricket career, awards

Secrets Revealed About Sachin Tendulkar:

Sachin Tendulkar first ever car should be a maruti-800.

Harry potter and daniel radcliffe queued up for sachin tendulkar autograph at an event for a lord test in a year 2007.

Sachin Tendulkar weakness is “VADAPAO” a popular Maharashtrian snack once he told in an interview.

Sachin Tendulkar was a huge fan for a former tennis legend john MoEnroe.

Tendulkar has scored most centuries and runs in a calender year 1998 he score more than 1894 runs and 9 centuries.

Sachin Tendulkar is not a cricketer he is also an actor and made an apperance in the bollywood movie called STUMPED during a year 2003.

Sachin was named for a great musician Sachin Dev Burman because Tendulkar father was a big fan of Dev Burman music.

Sachin Tendulkar is the only player to get the Rajib Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award & Padma Shri by the Indian government.

Sachin got out at the first ball scoring a ZERO, on his first ever match in International cricket.

He is one of the indian cricketer to share with many celebrities at the madame tussards wax museum.

Sachin Tendulkar create as many as 19 world records in the Guiness books of world records.

Sachin named to his daughter as Sara after the Sahara cup, because he won first tournament as a captain in 1997.

Sachin wife Anjali is not allowed to drive the Tendulkar “ferrari car“.

Ganguly calls him Chhota Babu to Tendulkar.

Tendulkar would win a coin from his coach Ramakant if he could bat through an entire session of nets without being dismissed, he also won 13 such coins from his coach.

First time he met his wife Anjali at the Mumbai airport, while returning from an England tour in 1990.

Kapil dev’s hundred test match is the first ever match for Sachin Tendulkar.

Kerala blasters football club co-owns of Tendulkar, which lost the finals of the indian super league in 2014.

Eddie Murphy comedy film is the favourite Hollywood movie.

He uses his left hand to eat and write, while the right hand is used to bat and bowl.

Sachin Tendulkar calls Sourav Ganguly as a “Babu Moshai”.

Sachin Tendulkar was a ball boy for the match between India and Zimbabwe in 1987 world cup.

Sachin Tendulkar became the richest cricketer during a period of 1995 worth 31 Crore.

Sachin Tendulkar fielded as a subsitute during a one day practice match against Pakistan.


Sachin Tendulkar Biography:

Sachin tendulkar full name is sachin ramesh tendulkar he was born on 24th april 1973, his father ramesh tendulkar was a well known marathi novelist and named him as the famous indian music director sachin dev burman, his mother rajini worked in the insurance industry, at the age of 17 he met his wife anjali and married to her 5 years later. He had a one son and one daughter names should be arjun tendulkar and sara tendulkar.

Early Days in Cricket Life:

His elder brother ajit, who recognized his cricketing ability introduced him to cricket in 1984, he took up cricket at the age of 11 years and he is the first youngest indian player ever to feature in tests and odis  at the age of 16 years.

Cricket Career and His Records:


Batting Style:right handed batsman

Bowling Style:right arm leg break

****Test Career****





Best score:248



****ODI Career****








He is the only player to scored 100 international centuries, he is the first batsman to bisco a double century in a one day international cricket and the only player to complete more then 30000 runs in international cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar Awards:

Sachin tendulkar received the aurjun award in 1994 for his outstanding sporting achievement. He received the rajiv gandhi khel ratna award in 1997 indian highest sporting honor and the padma shri and padma bhushan awards in 1999 and 2008 respecticely.

After a few hearts of his final match on 16 november 2013 prime minister’s office announced the decision to award him the bharat ratna india’s highest civilian award he is the youngest recipient to till date and the first ever sports person to receive the award.

He is also won the 2010 sir garfield sobers trophy for  cricketer of the year at the icc awards and in 2012 tendulkar was dominated to rajya sabha the upper house of parliament of india in december 2012.

Sachin Tendulkar Retirement:

He announced his retirement from twenty-20 cricket in october 2013 and subsequently announced his retirement from all forms of cricket retiring on 16 november 2013 after playing his 200th and his final test match against the west indies in mumbai’s stadium.

Sachin Tendulkar is widely  acknowledged as one of the greatest batsmen of all time the master blaster is conisdered one of the complete batsmen ever. Every indian should proud of him none of the batsmen can replace him and no words can express his amazing talent and achievement if it is rightly said if cricket were a religion certain would be the god.

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Top Things You Should Know Before You Go to Paris

paris city loves everyone

Lets Fall in Love in This Place(I Love You Paris):

Paris is situated in northern france on banks of river seine with a population of over twelve MILLION people, the france capital is at the heart of the IIE-DE-FRANCE region.

City of Light:

Paris earned her name, the city of light, during the age of enlightenment, when many visionary ideas were born it is a light that has remained undimmed, and which now attracts 43 MILLION visitors a year, making paris the visited city in the world.


Nothing says paris like the EIFEL TOWER the iron lady can be seen from all over the city however, nothing can prepare you for the moment when you first stand at her feet, or the views from the top you will hold dear for a lifetime.


Louvre Museum paris french countryJust a short stroll away is the world’s greatest treasure-house of arts the musee du louvre. Once a 14th century palace today the louvre is the most visited art gallery in the world. With over 35,000 artworks, her most famous residents are the MONA LISA and the VENUS DE MILO. But be wanted, this collection of priceless artworks and antigiuties is simply too vast to explore in just one day. Not far from the musee de louvre stands the CENTRE POMPIDOU, displaying the largest collection of modern art in europe.


The “ARC DE TRIOMPHE”, built by napoleon, rises from the centre of place CHARLES DE GAULLE and offers commanding views of the “12 grand avenues” which radiat outwards like “a star” from the ARC DE TRIOMPHE, the grand avenue is where parisians come to dine, shop, enjoy the theater and to celebrate life.


notre dam parisIt is situated on “IIE DE LA CITE” a natural island in the river seine, completed in 1345, this gothic masterpiece with her flying bultresses and gargoytes has played center stage to some of the defining moments of french history and literature.


SACRE COEUR BASILICALooking north, the city rises into the hillside neighborhood of montmartre, once the artistic centre of paris her twisting streets and narrow lanes were at one time the home of “picasso, dali and vangogh, they are perfect place to lose yourself and discover those special parisian moments. But you can never be lost for long in montmartre, as long as you head upwards you’ll eventually come to her gleaming white crown “SACRE-COEUR BASILICA”.


pere lachaise. toppicLeave the bustling city behind and step through the gates of the “CIMETIERE DU PERE-LACHAISE”. Here, amid the quiet world of bird song and introspection, you can pay your respects to jim morrisison, oscar wilde, and some of the world’s greatest minds for whom paris is how forever home.



The river seine runs right through the heart of paris, creating a natural divide between her famous left and right banks of her 37 bridges, the “PONT ALEXANDRE-3” is considered the mostornate, while the graceful pont des arts offers some incredible vistas of the city. Artists and photographers gather here to capture the light, while lovers attach padlocks to the railings.


Paris is a city easily explored by metro, taxi, and bicycle, but her charms are best found on foot. Her attractions are never far apart, and in between, merely walking her streets is to wander through picture postcauds.

The engine room of paris is “La Defense” this modern business district, filled with light and art, is testimony that paris is designed for living even when at work. From the futuristic grande arc he at la defense, the six mile long historic axis of paris leads us back into france grand past.

“PARISIANS SEE” it as their duty to enjoy its fullest, the luxembourg gardens, with its “grand basin”, fruit groves and over to statues and fountains is the ideal place to grab a “deckehair and play the parisian at rest”.

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